Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Made it halfway through the week.

It always happens like this. I just need to remember. However much crap I have to deal with, I still make it through the day by the grace of God.

There were a couple of articles last week about child deaths, so our Department has been ramping up the PR machine and trying to make us (workers) look bad. I think that child deaths happen for different reasons, so I won't take any sides. But I will say that I think there's validity in CSW complaints that our computer technology is outdated and we don't have access to all the necessary information to properly assess the needs of kids and families. That doesn't mean it's okay for kids to die, or that the workers weren't at fault. At the same time, it doesn't surprise me a lot. There are times when I worry about that stuff too, and I just do what I can and pray a lot.

Teen mom has been tough to deal with. But her attorney told me something today that made me feel a little empathy. She asked her attorney if I could go with her to her first parenting class. It's not because I'm all supportive or anything; it's just that she's not very good at reading and doesn't know how to get there on the bus.

It's easy to forget that people act the way that works for them. I've gotten this far in life by being well-informed and polite. She's gotten this far by being confrontational and deceitful. It's the only thing she knows. And when she needs help, she doesn't know how to ask for it. I'm the same way, but I have resources to help me figure it out. She doesn't.

The Court isn't very pleased with my work right now. I spend a lot of time helping kids but I've neglected my responsibilities to Court. But I think I'll get the hang of it.

Well, another night of sleep and then another day. Not so bad.

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