Sunday, April 5, 2009

Writing from the Emerald City

It's a wonderful place. Somehow we managed to travel on days when the weather was perfect. I could definitely see myself living here.

In two days I go right back to reality. I barely get a break. Work starts back up on Wednesday morning, when I drive to Compton to pick up my kid who has to go to Juvenile Court. They're just going to drop the charges against her and release her into DCFS custody (which means I just bring her back to her foster home), but she still has to appear. It makes no sense. And the foster mother doesn't provide transportation. Weak. Then I have to finish a Court Report that I should've turned in on the 6th, and I have to try and get a kid out of foster care (I just put here there on Thursday) whose mother is having a major dispute with her grandparents, making it really difficult to just release her to the care of the grandparents. AUGH!

No false humility; I haven't worked hard at very much in life. That's why this is such a huge shock to me. I'm busy every minute of the day, and some days I even stay late. It's just not something I'm used to. But I guess it's only fair, right?

I even thought about ways to fake my own death, but realised that would probably be too difficult. Even more difficult than just doing my job?

It seems like the best way to handle the job is to just take it a day at the time. When I wake up, I don't know if it's gonna be a slow day or a busy one, but either way, I'm going to have to deal with it. And then the next day will happen and I'll deal with that. When I think of it that way, it doesn't seem like as big of a deal.

Hmm...I wonder what social services in Washington would be like. Wouldn't be able to relocate until July 25, 2010, but that isn't THAT far off.

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