Monday, April 20, 2009

Case of the Mondays.

It seems like what I need to solve the day is to go and buy some of those Dreyers strawberry fruit bars.

Some mornings are a lot tougher than others. Yesterday I went to a meet n greet with staff at my new church (Anglican) and when I told them I saw a social worker, one of the ladies said "I can see your wings". So it wasn't that bad going to work this morning.

Until I stepped outside and it was so hot. When I got to the office, my will to remain had dimished even more. Most people weren't even there yet! I also had two voicemails from a grandma who talks sooo much. There were two voicemails because she ran out of room on the first message. Usually, these messages are pretty urgent. But this message was complaining about how long she'd been waiting to get her home approved for placement. Dude--I'm not the one with an extensive criminal record that needs to be cleared by the state before we can place your granddaughter. Whatever. At some point, I decided "not today".

So I started to think that maybe I should just email the court reports, head home, and work on them over there. I could crank the A/C and the Elton John and just get everything done with minimal distractions.

That was the plan until I got a call from Court Transportation. Apparently teen mom got to Court and complained about cramping and bleeding (she's three months pregnant, remember?). Asked Court Transportation to bring her to County USC Hospital and consulted with our Public Health Nurses about how to get there.

My first trip to a public hospital was an eye-opening experience. There's no parking ANYWHERE, even with my magical parking placard that allows me to park without feeding meters or observing time limits. There are thousands of people everywhere. And the staff seems REALLY overworked.

Everyone's given up on this teen mom. Even me, sometimes. I guess I don't really believe. But somebody needed to be there when she was getting examined. While she was laying on the exam table, she whispered, "I think I might be losing the baby." I wanted to tell her not to think like that, but I didn't want to give her any false hope, so I just said "Wait until you hear what the doctor says. You just got here." I made the sign of the Cross and she smiled.

Turns out she's only six weeks pregnant. They had an ultrasound and the fetus is okay. She got impatient waiting for them to prepare the forms for her to sign, and she even started making comments to some of the other patients in the waiting room. It's really a roller coaster with this girl. She had seemingly just had to deal with mortality and then it was back to her old self.

I don't even know what else to do. This case is taking up too much of my time and I have 23 other people to look out for.

Well, I guess all I can do now is buy those Dreyers fruit bars and work on my report.

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